Keidan Special Education Center Offerings

  •  Paraprofessional Support

    The special education aide provides in-classroom assistance to both students and the teacher to help facilitate the learning environment. The Special Education aide plays a key role in helping students accomplish daily tasks necessary to access and participate within their learning environment. Providing assistance to students with their physical needs so that the teacher allows the teacher to focus on learning. Assisting students include:

    • Assist with the cleanup, storing and retrieval of supplies and equipment before and after activities.
    • Assist in preparation of instructional materials, bulletin boards, etc., as requested by the instructional staff.
    • Escort students to support service rooms (i.e., nurse, speech, school social worker) when appropriate.
    • Work cooperatively with instructional, support staff and administrative staff.
    • Participate in staff development activities.
    • Care for a student’s physical needs, which includes; washing, lifting, feeding, taking to the toilet, diapering and changing clothes, as required by the student’s physical condition.
    • Monitor students to and from the lavatory as appropriate
    • During the lunch period, monitor and/or feed students as physical condition dictates.
    • Implement the activities as directed by the instructional staff.
    • Assist in maintaining a neat and clean area for any/all classroom and lunch activities. When necessary, sanitize by using universal health care procedures.
    • Assist in the preparation and implementation of classroom activities and/or individual and small group instruction, under the direction/supervision of the instructional staff.
    • Responsible for monitoring students at the end of the day while they are awaiting a bus or taxicab.
    • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Administrator or designee

    School Social Work Services

    Behavior support

    Direct behavior interventions

    Social Skills Training

    Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) support

    Resource Coordinating Team interventions

    Restorative Practices

    Psychological Services

    Student evaluations

    Resource Coordinating Team support

    Identification of student eligibility

    Nursing Services

    On site medical assistance and treatment by licensed nurses

    Occupational/Physical Therapy

    Therapeutic occupational services to increase overall functioning, muscle strengthening and gross motor skills

    Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support

    Program designed to teach respect, responsibility and safety at school

    Encourages student to continuosly make good behavioral choices

    Schoolwide positive behavior support interventions, that provide teachers and other staff with information to help prevent behavior problems and to help make school a safe learning environment

    Student incentives for demonstrating positive behavior

    Bilingual Support Services

    Support staff for parents and families in need of language assistance

    Translational interpretation request forms

    Parent notification letters and forms in ESL student's, parents, and families native language

    Community Based Instruction

    Providing students with opportunities to access community resources

    Providing community-based instruction opportunities to participate within the community that align with student goals, objectives and school curriculum

    Assistive Technology

    Student access to a variety of assistive technology resources

    Teacher utilizing technoloy within the classroom to differentiate instruction



    Nova Boards


    Differentiated instruction incorporating art

    Interactive art activities, painting, drawing, collages

    Grade level art work that aligns to school curriculum

    Adaptive Physical Education

    Develop social skills with cooperative teamwork and good sportsmanship

    Improve movement, coordination, agility, strength, flexibility and power with appropriate activities

    Improve self-esteem and appreciation of movement and exercise while interacting with peers

    Music Therapy

    Weekly music therapy sessions

    Addressing student specific goals and objectives

    Students utilize a variety of props, musical instruments, visuals, movement and singing

    Special Olympics

    Students participate in a variety of Olympic type competition sports for children with disabilities

    Students participate in community-based field trips in preparation for Special Olympics

    School Garden

    Students learn about the gardening process

    Hands-on activities in the garden that support sensory challenges

    Students participate in a garden Book Walk that incorporates Reading and Science

    Green School Recycling Program

    Students learn about the process and benefits of recycling

    Students collect recyclable items around the school that is recycled and transported to a community recycle facility


    Additional Information: For further information regarding Keidan Special Education Center offerings, please contact the main office at (313) 873-9400.