• Welcome to Pasteur


    Pasteur Elementary School is a K-6th grade school offering a hgh-performing curriculum that has garnered accolades for being a "Recommended School for Excellent School Detroit".

    Pasteur Elementary School is one of the top 20 K-8 schools in Detroit and was noted as one of the highest-performing elementary-middle schools in the state by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. We are also a Skillman Grant winner.

    Pasteur Elementary School has a reputation for educating generations of families and has one of the largest elementary-middle school alunmi associations in Detroit. We have a staff that cares about the students' academic achievement and their well being. We believe that our mission is to create productive contributors to society through active and engaging instruction that will teach students to think independently, read critically, write clearly and solve problems logically.

    Welcome to Pasteur!