Academic and Behavioral Counseling Offerings

  • It is a pleasure to offer a School Counseling Program at Cooke STEM Academy. The purpose of the guidance counselors is to work to ensure that all students will acquire and demonstrate competencies in the areas of academic, career and social/emotional development. 

    Our Elementary (K-5) and Middle (6th grade) School Guidance Program is designed to provide students with the skills to be successful in career planning, personal growth, interpersonal relationships and academic achievement.

    Prevention and early intervention are the foundation of the Program Components. Classroom and small group guidance are strategies often employed to support developmental and socialization skills. Counselors are less encumbered with records and documents management permitting them to deliver maximum engagement of interactive guidance activities and services.

    Kristina Lince is our counselor for Scholars in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. She received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology followed by a Master of Arts in Counseling, both from Wayne State University. Prior to counseling at Cooke, Mrs. Lince worked as a counselor for Rochester Adult Center of Education and served as a long term sub counselor at Novi Meadows Upper Elementary. What she loves most about counseling at Cooke, is building positive relationships with scholars and the opportunity to see them grow both as scholars and individuals. 

    D’Shonne Albert is our 3rd-6th grade counselor at Cooke STEM Academy. Ms. Albert received her teaching and counseling degrees from Wayne State University and began her path in School Counseling in 2004.  She is excited to “join the great team of teachers and administrators as we support parents and scholars at Cooke. I am thankful to DPSCD for allowing me to be of service by engaging students daily in guidance activities and services."

    Our comprehensive model supports students by involving families, schools, and our communities in assuring academic success for ALL students. School counselors offer counseling activities that are developmental in design and preventive in purpose. Effective counseling programs are important to the school climate and culture, using data to drive program decisions to improve student achievement. Successful programs depend upon the support and collaboration of administrators, teachers, other school personnel, students, the community and other stakeholders.