Coordinating Team

  • The Resource Coordinating Team is a school-based problem-solving group that works collaboratively with parents, staff and community members in addressing individual and school-wide issues. This team will look at the whole array of support services including academic safety nets, mental health, health, family support and prevention activities. It is the goal of the Resource Coordinating Team to create an integrated array of services that support students and families and enable students to achieve. The team will also develop strategies to make these services sustainable and advocate for needed policy changes. These services will be provided by the school system and by community partners.  Additionally, the Resource Coordinating Team will:

    • Coordinate and integrate services and programs that address the underlying problems and barriers to learning and facilitate understanding, prevention, and correction. The team will use the Response to Intervention framework within a multi-level prevention system to maximize student achievement and to reduce behavioral problems.

    • Minimize the risk for long-term negative learning outcomes by responding quickly and efficiently to documented learning or behavioral problems and ensuring appropriate identification of students with disabilities.