• Student achievement and a strong attendance record are highly correlated. Therefore, at Harms Elementary we take attendance seriously, and ask you as parents and students to do so as well. You may also be aware that Michigan State law requires the regular school attendance of a child of school age. The parent or guardian is responsible by law for making sure that the child attends school regularly.

    What can parents do to help?
    Make sure that your child attends school daily and arrives and departs at the scheduled times. Please do not keep your child from school unnecessarily for birthdays, haircuts, missing the bus, waking up late, or for vacations. Please work hard to schedule appointments and vacations around the school calendar.

    What about necessary appointments?
    Please try to schedule appointments (doctors/dentist etc) early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  Therefore, the student can report to school before or after the appointment and not miss an entire school day. 

    What should we do if our child will not attend a field trip?
    Please send your child to school.  Even if your child will not go on the field trip, school is still in session. 

    If my child's uniform is not clean, should he come to school?
    Yes! Uniforms are preferred, but please do not keep the students at home because they don't have a clean uniform.  Send them to school without the uniform, but in other appropriate school wear.

    What if we have transportation issues?
    Please contact the school immediately to find out if bus service is available.  Also, if you are experiencing homelessness please contact the school to arrange services to assist you, ensuring that your student is able to attend school. 

    When is it appropriate for my child to not attend school?
    If your child is ill, we recommend that you keep your child at home for your child's benefit, as well as the benefit of their class members and teachers.

    What do I do when my child cannot attend school?
    State law mandates that the school record all reasons for all student absences. Therefore, when a student is absent, please call the school the morning of or before the day of absence in order to advise the school as to the reason for the absence. All absences not verified will remain unexcused. 

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Harms Elementary Attendance Officer, Kyle Broughton at