Hospitality & Food Services, Baking & Pastry Arts

  • Learn Food Preparation, Service and Certification!

    • This program focuses on the general study of the cooking and related culinary arts, and that may prepare individuals for a variety of jobs within the food service industry

    • Students will receive instruction in food preparation, cooking techniques, equipment operation and maintenance, sanitation and safety, communication skills, applicable regulations, and principles of food service management

    Prerequisites: Tenth grade students or higher. Course Length: One year to complete all 12 CTE segments. Additional second year enrollment is optional.

    Wages: As of Apr 13, 2021, the average annual pay for the Hospitality Industry jobs category in the United States is $57,176 a year.

    Food service salaries: Food Service Clerk $52,219 • Food Handler $55,622 Food Service Manager $55,732 • Executive Chef $51K - $99k • Cruise Ship Chef $51k- $96k Sous Chef $31k - $87k • Baker $26k - $76K • Wait staff $14k - $30k Plus tip

    Certificates: ServSafe Food Manager Certification ICEV Certifications - AMSA Culinary Meat Selection & Cookery, AMSA Food Safety & Science Certification, AMSA Meat Evaluation Certification

    College Credits: Post-Secondary Options of Study: Schoolcraft College, Henry Ford College, Oakland Community College, Dorsey Culinary Academy, Johnson and Wales College.

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