• Grass Roots Community Leaders and DPSCD call for a day of Peace and Healing on Thursday, September 22, 2022. Leagcy Academy students participated by creating posters with a Peace theme, walked in a Peace march near the school and had reflections conversations about Peace afterwards.

  • Student Body Council

    Students participated in Student Body Council stump speeches. Students presented their speeches to the student body about why they should be voted for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms.

  • Legacy August/September Birthday Celebration

    Farewells to Mr. Rosenberg and Mr. Johnson who will be missed. We acknowledged Ms. Calloway and Ms. Stove, who will be missed as well. Please keep our custodian, Ms. Wright in prayer, she lost her father. Thanks. 

  • Guest Speaker Mr. James Hodge-Green
    Thank you so much Counselor Hardy for bringing Guest Speaker, Mr. Green out to inspire, encourage and uplift our students. It was a joy to not only witness, but to be in the presence of greatness in the next generation. It gave us another opportunity of hope to see our students in a good light and bond with them.
  • Detroit Zoo

    Students enjoyed the day exploring the Detroit Zoo completing an assignment that tasked them to learn about the Detroit Zoos history, animals and other historic facts that the Detroit Zoo has to offer. 

  • Detroit Phoenix Center

    Thanks to everyone who helped with our Community Day initiative. Thanks to our new partnership with the Detroit Phoenix Center all students received a book bag full of essentials.