• Clubs and Organizations offered at Fisher Magnet Upper:

    Ford Resource Engagement Center (FREC) Eastside Office (Non-Profit Organization) at 15491 Maddelein St.  Detroit, MI  48205 Door #5  (313) 733-1240 or visit www.freccity.org. 

    What is the FREC?

    The Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC) is a client-directed community center where people can learn new skills, obtain needed services, develop new talents and celebrate community. Made possible with grants from Ford Motor Company Fund, The Ford Resource and Engagement Center brings together nonprofit partners to serve the surrounding community. The FREC offers:

    • Cooking Matters: Free cooking and nutrition classes for adults and children at the (FREC). We offer a FREE cookbook, FREE groceries, and food tastings to try out new things.
    • Gleaners Food Bank ~ Free ride to and from the weekly food distributions if you live within 3 miles of the Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC).     
    • Free Tax Preparation
    • New monthly programs. Call to inquire.

    Other clubs offered at Fisher Magnet Upper:

    • Dave Bing Youth Mentoring Program
    • Rhonda Walker Mentoring Program
    • Choir
    • Girl Scouts
    • Chess Club