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    Robotics Team  

    Academic Games

    Brewer Academy is Number 1 in the State in it's Division and has been for 6+ years. Academic Games is a competition in the U.S. in which players win by out thinking each other in mathematics, language arts and social studies. 

    Robotics Team 

    We teach and design and apply the operation of robots. Robots include articulate robots, mobile robots and autonomous vehicles.

    School Gardening Program 

    Our school gardening program trains our students how to grow and sustain a garden. Students will eat what they grow! School gardening is an excellent tool for experimental learning and nutrition education.

    The YES Club

    Student Council here at Brewer consist of the student's peers in middle school. Student council serves to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership and applying it here in our school. 

    Drones Education

    Brewer's Drone program is centered around STEM skills. Our program is designed to encourage teamwork, curiosity, critical thinking and creativity. The goal of this program is to ensure that our students interest increase in math and science. It is hands on and geared for making learning science and math fun for our children here at Brewer Academy. 

    Broadcast Team

    BT (Brewer Tigers) Swag Squad give daily morning broadcast of all things positive and uplifting. Incuding all upcoming events and things to expect at Brewer!!

    GSRP Program

    Great Start Readiness Program is Michigan's state-funded preschool Program for four-year old children.