• Welcome to the "Home of The Doughboys"

    Athletic Director: Phillip Sangster

    Pershing Athletics Department offers the following:

    • Baseball and Softball
    • Girls and Boys Basketball
    • Fall and Spring Cheerleading
    • Track and Cross Country
    • Football
    • Volleyball


    New GPA Requirements For Athletes

    Each school year's first quarter, students must achieve a 2.0 GPA to maintain eligibility for district athletics. This means that at the end of each quarter, a student-athlete must achieve a quarter GPA of 2.0. This includes all classes that quarter. The previous GPA, higher or lower, is irrelevant. If a student receives less than a 2.0, then the student is ineligible for practice and game participation immediately after the quarter grades are released. If the same student earns a 2.0 or above the following quarter, then they will immediately become eligible for practice and game participation once quarter grades are released. This was intentionally done to ensure there is a continuous commitment to, and acknowledgment of, improvement.