Speech Therapists

  • A logo of a person with vibrations coming from the mouth The speech therapists at Charles R. Drew Transition Center work with people who have a variety of speech-related disorders. These disorders can include the inability to produce certain sounds, speech rhythm and fluency problems, and voice disorders. Speech therapists work involves assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of speech-related disorders.

Social Workers

  • A woman playing a board game with a little girl The school social workers understand the challenges facing our students and they work hard to help them learn appropriate coping skills to handle a wide range of issues that include psychological, financial, health, interpersonal, and substance abuse problems.

Physical Therapy

  • A picture of a woman stretching another woman's leg  At Charles R. Drew Transition Center, school-based physical therapy is provided as a support service to maximize a student’s gross-motor participation in the educational environment.

Occupational Therapy

  • A picture of two students in a occupational therapy room Charles R. Drew Transition Center provides school-based occupational therapy.  We use purposeful activities to facilitate active participation in self maintenance, academic and vocational pursuits, as well as play/leisure activities that occur in the school environment.  Therapists utilize an array of methods, such as therapeutic activities, assistive technology, environmental modifications, and collaboration with parents, teachers and outside services.