Counselor Corner

  • Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Our Guidance Counselor this year will be Selina Wilkins-Poe. She has been with Detroit Public Schools for over twenty years. Mrs. Wilkins-Poe believes in order for students to fully develop their potential, all domains of their development must be nurtured.
    Many of our children have concerns that other children also have. Students benefit from the opportunity to discuss his/ her feelings about concerns within a counseling group or individually.

    A Guidance Plan has been developed for the students here at Burns. ALL students will receive classroom guidance at various times throughout the year. Topics will promote and support academic success, personal growth, career awareness and interpersonal relationships.
    Mrs. Wilkins-Poe will be the facilitator of groups and classroom guidance, ensuring a level of professionalism is always adhered to.

    If you believe your child/ children would benefit from exposure to group or individual counseling, please contact Mrs. Wilkins-Poe (EdS, LPC, NCC) at (313) 852-0534 or