• Transportation FAQs

    Here are some frequently asked questions regarding transportation:

    How do I qualify for a D-DOT bus card for public transportation?

    Free and reduced Detroit - Department of Transportation (D-DOT) bus cards will be distributed 2 weeks after the student begins high school. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

    Student must attend their neighborhood school

    Student must receive free or reduced meal benefits

    Student must reside more than 1 1/2 mile their assigned school

    Reduced-fare passes may be available directly from the student's neighborhood high school

    What can I use to ride the D-DOT bus at the beginning of the school year until bus cards are issued?

    Students with a bus card from last school year will be allowed to board D-DOT buses for the first two weeks of school until the new passes are issued at the free or reduced rate indicated on the card

    Students with high school identification cards can ride the D-DOT for $0.75 each way until the new cards are issued within the first two weeks of school

    Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) studetns who do not have a high school identification card or a bus card from last year will be issued a reduced fare card on the 1st day of school

    Example: Incoming freshman students or other students who may not have student identification buy qualify for a free ir reduced fare pass under the District Transportation Policy. The pass will allow students to ride for $0.75 each way until new passes are issued the second week of school

    My student lost his/her D-DOT bus card. How does the student obtain a replacement bus card?

    Notify the school of the need for a replacement card. The school forwards a request to Transportation whos sends the school a replacement card. If the replacement card is lost, students can purchase another card from D-DOT at the rate of $136.50 per semester. 

    How do I get answers to school transportation questions?

    Contact the Transportation Information Center at (313) 945-8600. A customer service agent will either answer your inquiry or direct your call to an individual who can best assist you.