Dress Code

  • Tops

    Shirts and blouses must have a collar and solid color

    • Navy Blue or Black


    Sweaters must be solid color and may only be worn over a collared shirt

    • Navy Blue or Black


    Pants / skirts must be a solid color casual "docker" type.  Students MAY wear any color Jeans (No rips with skin showing) No JOGGING/ JEGGINGS/LEGGINS or STRETCH pants.

    • Navy Blue
    • Khaki (beige)


    Permitted Attire

    • Khaki/ navy or jeans full length pants, fastened at the waist
    • Pants with belt loops must be worn with a belt
    • Skirts must be knee length
    • Shirts and blouses must have collars: they may be long or short sleeve
    • Shirts and blouses must be a solid color. Logos cannot be more than one inch

    Not Permitted

    • Shorts
    • Clothing that is revealing or provocative
    • T-shirts or jerseys
    • Clothing with pictures or statements relating to inappropriate behavior or gang affiliation
    • Leather, suede, fur or sheepskin coats, jackets, sweaters, pants or skirts
    • Hooded sweatshirts 
    • Bedtime attire, such as rollers, pajamas, and nightshirts
    • Open toe shoes, shower shoes and flip-flops