Dress Code

  • All students are expected to exemplify proper grooming standards in a manner that projects an appropriate image for the student, school, and district.

    The DAILY uniform is as follows:

    SHIRTS - Must have button down or straight collars. Turtlenecks and polo styles are permitted. All shirts must be worn tucked inside pants, slacks or skirts. Long or short sleeves with a collar are required.

    Color -

    Pre-K-4th Grade - WHITE or HUNTER GREEN
    5th Grade - YELLOW
    6th Grade - LIGHT BLUE
    7th Grade - BURGUNDY
    8th Grade - BLACK

    SLACKS/PANTS/SKIRT - All must be solid colors: Khaki, navy blue, or black. NO JEANS. Slacks/pants/skirts worn below the waist will not be tolerated. Skirts must be at least knee length. Jumpers/skorts are permitted.

    Cardigans and Sweaters - Solid blue or black or match the accepted uniform color for the student's grade level. All must be worn over a collared shirt, turtleneck or polo style top.


    Footwear - Students shall not wear house slippers, flip-flops, or any other type of footwear that could constitute a safety hazard.

    Noncompliance: Students who choose not to comply with the uniform policy will receive a warning and will be sent to the office. Students will call parents to bring a change of clothes each time. Students will stay in the office until a uniform is brought. If appropriate uniform clothing is available at school, the student will change into it.

    Student Dress Down Days: There are NO regularly scheduled dress down days. Dress down days will be announced IN WRITING in a letter to parents/guardians. Parents/guardians should not permit students to attend school out of uniform unless you have been informed by the school through one of these methods. Incentives will be given out monthly to the classes that follow the Student Dress for Success Policy.