School Dress Code

  • Our school has a uniform policy with the following guidelines:

    Colors: Classic black and white!

    Bottoms: Black pants only (say no to leggings and tights). Go cargo, pleated or flat front, full-length, and don't forget your belt if there are loops.

    Tops: White tops are a must. Choose button-downs, straight collars, turtlenecks, or polo styles. Tuck in when needed!

    Logos: Keep 'em small - one-inch max. Our DPSCD school logos are totally cool.

    Skirts and Jumpers/Skorts: Black and knee-length 

    Jackets, Cardigans, and Sweaters: Match the uniform color and remember, no hoods on your head during the school day!

    Footwear: Lace up your athletic shoes, slip into loafers, or strut in dress shoes. Closed-toed and closed-heel are the way to go. Say goodbye to open-toed boots or mules.

    Get ready for some extra school spirit! 🎉

    King Apparel: We're all about showing off your pride. Shirts, hoodies, and track suits are totally allowed from Monday to Friday. Rock that King gear and see Mr. Cannon at lunch to buy your King apparel.