Dress Code

  • Pants/Skirts

    Khaki or black pants for boys and girls, girls can wear skirts in the same colors.  Skirt hem must extend beyond fingertips when standing straight with hands held loosely at sides.  No denim, contrasting thread colors, patch pockets, stretch pants, leggings or jogging pants.  Pants legs should reach to the top of shoes, but should not drag on floor.


    Solid colored collared shirts only.  No denim or sheer tops allowed.


    White, black or navy blue knit sweaters only.  Sweatshirts, "hoodies", warm ups, jackets, etc will not  be permitted.  Bottom of sweaters should reach the waistline.  No printing, emblems or graphics.


    All coats, jackets and outer wear must be left in lockers.  It is recommended that students keep a uniform sweater at school as they will not be allowed to wear outdoor clothing in the classrooms.


    Footwear must be fully enclosed.  No sandals, flip flops, open-toe or open-heeled shoes will not be allowed (safety concern).  High (top) footwear must allow pant leg to easily pass over the outsides.


    No head coverings of any kind are allowed except those dictated by religious observances.


    Sunglasses will not be permitted.  Prescription glasses should be of the kind that does not remain tinted when indoors (transition lenses).

    No clothing, jewelry, etc. will be allowed that may indicate membership in or affiliation with gangs or unlawful groups.  Symbols of membership in lawful groups (e.g.. student groups) shall be kept to a minimum and may not conflict with any of the above rules. 

Polo Shirt