The CMA Dress Code for 2023-2024 is described below. Students are required to wear CMA school colors, which are black, dark purple, and/or white.  


    Dress Code Expectations: 

    • CMA paraphernalia (Pharaoh sports, clubs, and/or organizations). 

    • Solid black, white, or purple pants 

    • Solid black, white, or purple shirts and/or sweaters 

    • Solid black, white, or purple skirts. Skirts must be at least finger-tip length. 

    • Shoes must have a hard bottom and completely cover the entire foot, no exposed heels, or toes. 


    **All student attire must be free of rips or holes of any kind. 


    Unacceptable Attire: 

    • Any article of clothing that contains/references violence, drugs, or hate speech.  

    • Bedroom attire or shoes 

    • Clothing that is revealing, see-through, or provocative. 

    • Midriff, crop tops, or tank tops 

    • Jumpsuits/catsuits/onesies 

    • Shorts 

    • Attire (pants, shirts, skirts) with rips or holes 

    • Non-religious head coverings such as hats, scarves, bandanas, hoodies, etc...  

    • Jackets, coats, or other articles considered to be outer wear may not be worn inside of the building during school hours. 


    Communication & Media Arts Dress Code Policy is subject to change as needed by school administration, stakeholders, and Detroit Public Schools Community District Student Code of Conduct.