Burns Dress Code

  • Burns Uniform Policy


    Carney Yellow, Light Blue, or Navy Blue (Collared Shirts Polo or Dress Shirts).

    All shirts must be tucked in at all times, and all tops must be solid colors.


    Navy Blue, Black, or Khaki (Beige) uniform pants. A belt is required for all students. 


    All skirts/dresses must be uniform dresses or skirts in Navy Blue, Black, or Khaki (Beige). The length must be at the circumference of the knee (front and back).

    Absolutely No Shorts, Capris Sweatpants, or Leggings!

    When in doubt don't wear it

    Students who violate the dress code policy will be referred to the counselor. An administrator will contact the student's parent/ guardian to request that the change of clothes be delivered to the school. Where this is not possible the student will remain in the detention room and will not be allowed to attend classes. If there is any doubt as to whether or not the attire may be a violation of the school code, it should be assumed that it is probably a violation.


    Repeat violators of the dress code will be considered insubordination and will be disciplined according to the DPS student code of conduct

    Prohibited Attire: 

    • Hoodies
    • backless tops/halters/tank tops/midriff tops
    • bedtime attire (pajamas, house shoes, slippers)
    • clothing that inappropriate exposed the body
    • flip flops (beach shoe/ thongs)
    • hanging or sagging (pants below the waistline) A belt must be worn.
    • Hats, caps, wraps, headscarves, and non-religion hair covers
    • Leggings or footless hosiery worn as pants/sweatpants or joggers
    • Shorts/Capris/Jeans that exposed skin
    • Sweatpants or bandannas
    • Transparent garments of any kind.
    • Underwear must not be visible


     Burns Students