• “We Prepare To Be Great!”

    What you should know about the Mumford High School is that we Prepare our students to be GREAT—As Mustangs,

    • our students are living symbols of the history of Mumford and
    • of the pioneer spirit of Detroit because

    We embody the spirit of our  mascot THE MUSTANG…  

    • MUSTANGS Stay together for life: Our alumni connection is one of the strongest in the region. Mustangs have access to alumni and community partners that number in the thousands.
    • MUSTANGS lead the packMumford's academic performance ranks in the top 10 in DPSCD high schools based on NWEA and SAT data
    • MUSTANGS Never fatigue: Students have 24 hour access to homework help and online credit recovery.  They also have dual enrollment as well as extracurricular activities and student clubs

    As 9th graders, our Mustangs come is as baby colts, but leave as proud stallions in the 12th grade!   Their brilliance and intellect will not be denied as it will take them anywhere in the world because WE have prepared them to survive any element that comes their way!

    As Mustangs, our students leave knowing three things:


    1. They know they are part of the Mustang Family for Life! And without a doubt, they know that they are loved.
    • Our Small learning environments and career pathways that helps know our students by their name and they build relationships with  adult role models.
    • They are taught to have an independent spirit and a mind of their own, while still being respectful.
    1. They leave with memories and experiences that will last them a lifetime.
      • We expose our students to places outside of the Mumford--universities, college, community services experiences, speakers, school events, and activities in which they create, and execute.
    1. They leave knowing that as Mustang, they run with the best and can out run anything, because they have been prepared to be a scholar and world thinker
    • They receive an education that will prepare them to compete locally and internationally
    • They have received Honors & AP courses, dual enrollment through WC3 and other experiences through our partners such as Jr. Achievement, UAW, Black Caucus, and Winning Futures.

    We are the best kept secret in Northwest Detroit and will be the premiere non- application examination school in the city because when our students rise, we all rise!

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    • Honors Classes
    • Band
    • Robotics
    • Student Government/Council
    • National Honor Society
    • Marching Band
    • Credit Recovery
  • 9th - 12th Grades Served
  • No Application Required?
  • 8:00am - 3:20pm Bell Schedule
  • Yes Breakfast Served
  • Yes Uniforms
  • Yes Transportation
  • 940 Students Enrollment