• Office Phone number: 313-416-7557 / Teams (313) - 724-3143
    Email Address: trina.dearring-weaver@detroitk12.org 
    Degrees & Certificates / Colleges: 
            Eastern Michigan University Bachelor in Social Work
            Eastern Michigan University Master in Social Work
    Certification in:
            School Social Work
            Child & Family Services
    Name: Trina Dearring-Weaver (preference Ms. Weaver)
    DPSCD Title: Title 1 School Social Worker 
    Answer these three questions:
    1.  Why did you become a School Social Worker?
      I started off being a Social Worker with adults but once I did an internship with children, I found my passion.  I am able to connect, analyze, and empower young people.  
    2. What is your motivation? Who do you strive for greatness for?
      My ultimate glory is to serve with the gifts that God has given me.  My secondary glory is to honor my parents who were both effective tenacious educators in DPS.  Their legacy lives on in me daily.
    3. A message to the students of Mumford. Selfcare is necessary for everyone...so inhale life and exhale doubt.