• I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and healthy! 

    We will return to in-person learning this upcoming school year. We are excited to see students come back to the building and be part of the transition to the specialized education that our school provides. Please know that we are encouraging each student to return to in-person learning even though students have the option to stay virtual through the DPSCD virtual high school. We know that most students learn better in a face-to-face setting and we are excited to have our students back in the school.   

     As students return, we are reacclimating them to the in-person learning environment. Many of our student have not been in the building for over a year and some have not been in the building at all. We have several teachers and staff members who will assist student to ensure a smooth transition back to school.  

     This year we will focus on students receiving instruction in the Aviation field and recovering any credit loss they suffered during the pandemic. We will offer credit recover through Edgenuity during the school day and after school. Our counselor, Ms. Neal, will work meeting with student to discuss what they will need to focus on this year and what resources are available to them. We are excited to reengage students in school activities and will have a variety of clubs and activities for students to take part in. We are already planning field trips and college engagement sessions throughout the year. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. The office number is 313-822-8820 and Mr. Morrison’s number is 313-682-4490. Please do not hesitate to contact us for support.  

     Again, we are looking forward to your return and can’t wait to see everyone in person. Please know that we have a safe school environment and will follow all protocols and procedures for next school year to keep everyone healthy and engaged!  


    Neal Morrison 


    Davis Aerospace Technical High School