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    At King High School, we offer a range of enriching programs, including:

    1. BPA (Business Professionals of America)
    2. National Honor Society
    3. Michigan Youth in Government
    4. Unified Special Olympics
    5. MSU Sparty Club
    6. TRIO Upward Bound

    Discover these exciting opportunities for personal and academic growth!


  • The MSAT career pathway focuses on careers in STEM. Students will take courses covering Engineering, Robotics, and Mathematics. This pathway prepares students to pursue a career in mechanical engineering, computer engineering, medicine/allied health, and biomedical engineering.  Please click on the MSAT link for more information.


  • The CISC career pathway is intended for students that have an interest in computer technology. Students will have a variety of electives covering networking, IT support, and coding. Students will also learn business finance and accounting as a part of the Commerce section of the program. This pathway prepares students to pursue a career in management, marketing, finance, computer information systems, coding, or entrepreneurship.  Please click on the CISC link to get more information.

Sports M3

  • The M3 Career Pathway is designed for students interested in athletics and the medical or business needs of athletes. Students will learn about sports medicine, marketing, and management. This program will prepare students to pursue a career in professional sports, sports entertainment, physical education, or athletic training.  Please click on the Sports M3 link to get more information.