Online Learning at CMA

  • I hope you and your family are safe. Thank you, CMA family, for your patience and understanding during these trying times.  As we approach the start of what I am Claiming to be the best school year ever.  After care review of the data and feedback for parents, teachers, and staff the decision has been made to go 100% virtual. All students will be online for the first quarter. Students will be providing academic support and the option to have breakfast and lunch.   Students may utilize learning labs daily. 

    Instructional Learning Mode 

    100% Virtual Learning will occur for nine weeks until September 8, 2020 through October 19 2020.  The decision to go 100% virtual was based on the limited number of teachers we have to teach in a face to face setting.  We just could not take a chance with the safety of our students and staff.  Please read the detail reopening plan as we begin to prepare for the return to learning. 

    What Does Virtual Look like at CMA?  

    The 502 students will receive Virtual instruction. Students Can expect to have six classes that follows the normal school Bell schedule which begins at ends at 2:38 PM. students will be expected to log on their classes at the start of each. On the reverse side of this document is a Bell Schedule for your reference. how do virtual students get support CMA will maintain their end of the day 20 minutes tutorial? During this time teachers will have drop-in office times teachers will be logged on to teams during that entire time students may address their teachers during that time window.  Students must keep their cameras on the entire There may be some classes that student will need to take virtually. Students will spend the class period in a learning lab supervised.  

    Virtual Learning Expectations  

    Students in a virtual environment are expected follow to all the terms and conditions of the code of conduct. Students will also be expected to have their uniform tops on while on camera for the entire school day. Students should be on camera for the entire class Session. Student will be permitted to carry clear backpacks while in the building.  
    COVID- 19 Safety Protocols