Click here to goto the login screen for TEAMs

    Students at Schulze Academy use Microsoft TEAMs to join their classes everyday, complete assignments and connect with staff.  If possible please download the TEAMs app to your device and log in through the device. 

    It is very important and required that all students keep their cameras on during class.  

    What can be found on TEAMS:

    1. Activity- This area is used to notify the students of events 

    2. Chat- Students may utilize this to connect to their teachers 

    3. Teams- This area will show students all of the Teams/ Groups that they are members of

    4. Assignments- Students can find work that their teachers assign

    5. Calendar- This area show students of upcoming events.  Students may join the events from the calendar.

    6. Calls- Students may use this to contact their teachers.

    7. Files- Important documents that teachers have posted for students