• Expect Respect


    This campaign is designed to proactively and strategically build character and to emphasize the District’s stance on anti-bullying. Children and employees cannot reach their potential if they are mistreated.”

    We will continue to focus on 10 character-traits for students to deeply study each month utilizing the Overcoming Obstacles and Pacers National Bullying Prevention Center curriculum, taught by DPSCD’s guidance counselors and school social workers. Students will be involved in formal lessons about communication, decision making, and goal setting. The Office of Culture and Climate will also assist schools in schoolwide activities that involve the face to face and online communities.  In addition Expect Respect Home Connections activities will be shared with parents to encourage their continued involvement. 

    In addition, “Expect Respect” encompasses student safety through OK2SAY, a confidential reporting tool. Students are encouraged to anonymously report tips on potential harm or criminal activities directed at students, school employees, and schools. The 24/7 portal can be accessed via phone call, text or email, and at www.ok2say.com.

    The “Expect Respect” campaign will reduce day to day negative interactions students have with each other and staff while improving the perception of safety within schools. Students, parents, teachers and community partners are encouraged to take the pledge to give respect, “expect respect,” and to report instances of students being treated unkindly. For more information and to download the pledge card or view Home Connection activities, parents may visit www.detroitk12.org. 

  • Character Traits 

    • Responsibility
    • Respect
    • Kindness
    • Generosity
    • Citizenship
    • Self-Control
    • Honesty
    • Compassion
    • Cooperation
    • Acceptance
    • Being Responsible
    • Respect
    • Becoming a Good Friend
    • Coping Skills
    • Resolving Conflicts
    • Fairness
    • Integrity
    • Listening
    • Cooperation & Teamwork
    • Having a Positive Attitude
    • Handling Peer Pressure
    • Empathy