It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year. Together, we can provide a
    quality education for our children at Edmonson Elementary School. Collaboratively with the
    district’s BLUEPRINT 2021, Edmonson plans to model the teachings and philosophy of Dr. Maria
    Montessori to provide a wall-to-wall Montessori community.

    Through shared leadership, we will explore methods for success, raising academic achievement
    measured by student mastery, classroom expectations and collaboration through continuous
    monitoring and observations.

    This year’s journey focuses on student achievement while working together to create and
    monitor systems for academic growth. As we continue to practice our craft with a growth
    mindset, with a laser focus on student achievement, our school will be successful.

    As we model the way, we strive to create a community of students who are innovative and
    critical thinkers, who are independent and self-sufficient while having a love for learning. The
    goals throughout the 2023-2024 school year are to:
         1. Increase student achievement
         2. Build a partnership with parents and all stakeholders
         3. Foster a nurturing and safe learning environment for students
         4. Use data to cultivate instruction

    Our academic strengths include teaching practices using Maria Montessori’s teaching philosophy and
    facilitating educational practices consistently amongst classrooms where we will focus on the
    learner’s needs, skills, and interest, which will guide and foster a joy for learning.

    My door is always open, and I welcome your input, concerns, suggestions, and ideas to help
    make this the best year yet! It is my privilege to lead and to serve in Edmonson and the

    It is with your help that we can achieve these goals. It is with your continued dedication and
    support that allows Edmonson children to lead and serve in our school, our district and our

    Mrs. Pashawn Johnson