School of Cosmetology Application Process

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    Students are required to register with MI State Board of Cosmetology the fee is $15.  The MI State Board of Cosmetology also requires each student to wear a uniform. Lab jacket fee is $23.  The fees ($38) must be paid by (CASH OR MONEY ORDER ONLY/NO REFUNDS as fees are submitted to the State of Michigan)


    *Note (deadline to pay all fees is the second Friday after the start of the school year. ) due to limited availability of enrollment in the program, student is subject to withdrawal from program if fees are not paid at the end of the second week.  Seat will be offered to another student on the waiting list.


    *Student will not earn hours until registration fee ($15) is paid.

    *Student not in uniform will not receive state board hours.




    Good attendance is imperative for students to succeed and master the required knowledge and skills for this curriculum.  In the case of a legitimate absence, students are expected to present a written excuse from a parent/guardian.  Students shall not leave work area without permission.



    Students will receive monthly reports on the clock hours available/earned each month.  Student and parent are required to sign and return the report to instructor for a grade.

    *Students who are not on track are subject to referral to the home school for withdrawal.


    An excused absence only affords student make-up work not clockhours To earn clock hours student must be physically present at Breithaupt CTC.  It is fraudulent for our licensed instructors/facility to report hours to the State of Michigan for a student who is absent.




    Students are expected to adhere to the Detroit Board of Education’s Dress Code as enforced by their specific home school. Shirts must be tucked into pants and pants must be belted at all times. Cosmetology students are required to wear a lab jacket and closed toe and heel flat rubber bottom shoes. Neither male nor female students will be allowed to wear scarves, hats, or other head wraps/head bands in class. Please strictly adhere to the attached policy *Home school dress code exceptions/deviations do not apply at Breithaupt CTC*




    Upon entering the building students are required to remove all ear plugs, conceal and secure the cell phone. Students who violate the cell phone policy will have to give the instructor the phone and a parent or guardian will be called to pick up the phone.





    • Teacher has the right to take phone away and return it at the end of class.

    1st warning, teacher will take phone.

    2nd warning, phone will go to front office and Parent will need to pick up.


    1. Personal Cell phones are NOT to be charged in classroom or clinic. They should be stored in assigned locker with a lock. *See #1


    1. Purses, jackets/coats & backpacks are not allowed in classroom or clinic.  They are to be locked in your assigned locked locker.  The cosmetology staff and Breithaupt are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


    1. NO Food/Drink (except in Clear bottled water) and when we allow break time.


    1. ALL students are expected to participate in cleanup of classroom and/or clinic.  They must follow their sanitation assignment provided by their instructor.


    1. RESPECT ALL personnel of Breithaupt, including instructors, peers, visitors/guests and especially substitutes.


    1. Appropriate behavior expected and must be maintained at all times, (fighting, arguing and yelling will not be tolerated, remember the goal is to prepare you for work in a professional setting).


    1. Failure to accept a client on the clinic floor will result in hours stopped immediately, and removal from the clinic floor.  You are required to perform services on clients with the supervision of your instructors.



     Ready to start your Cosmetology journey?