Family Medical Center


     The Family Medical Center of Michigan, Inc. has partnered with Detroit Public Community Schools District to provide Behavioral Health Services to children at Thurgood Marshall Elementary-Middle School.  

    Services Offered

    Telemedicine: Video Conferencing at school

    Students will be able to meet with a psychiatrist at the Family Medical Center face-to-face via a video appointment that is facilitated by onsite FMC staff. An assessment will be completed and appropriate medications can be prescribed.

    Students will meet with an FMC Behavioral Health Specialist in-person at the school for the following services:


    School-Based Assessment 

    Students will be assessed to evaluate the concerns related to the child and determine the appropriate services and interventions needed.


    School-Based Testing

    Students will be tested if needed for childhood diagnoses, such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Conduct Disorder.


    School Based-Therapy

    The student will receive individualized therapy to develop coping skills and work on symptoms and stress management.


    Reasons to seek FMC services/signs that your child is experiencing behavioral health issues

    Home Concerns

    • Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed
    • Isolation from friends and/or family
    • A change in sleep pattern
    • Behavioral issues (not following directions, breaking rules at home, etc)
    • Engaging in dangerous, illegal or thrill-seeking behaviors
    • Increased arguments at home


    School Concerns

    • Decreased school performance
    • Absenteeism
    • Resistance to attending school
    • Trouble focusing, concentrating or remembering information
    • Behavioral issues (receiving detentions, suspensions, etc.)
    • A lack of friends
    • Feelings of anger or sadness related to school

    Emotional/Psychological Concerns

    • Feeling of hopelessness, sadness, anxiety, and/or crying often
    • Frequent aggression, disobedience, or lashing out verbally
    • Excessive neglect of personal appearance or hygiene
    • Weight gain or loss/change in energy levels
    • Substance use or abuse
    • Making critical comments about themselves
    • Signs of cutting, burning or other self-harm
    • Difficulty coping with grief and loss
    • History of Trauma


    Ms. Krystle Buford is the Director of this program and she is available Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 am-4:00 pm.  Please contact her  at 313.969.3812 or via email at for an appointment.