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    J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy isn't just a school; it's a launchpad for limitless potential for students in grades 2 through 8.  J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy is deeply committed to the academic, personal, and social development of our students. The comprehensive academic program, along with access to computer labs and adaptive learning programs demonstrate a strong dedication to meeting the diverse needs of each student and ensuring their academic growth.

    The staff at J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy believes in unlocking a child’s full potential. Our after-school learning opportunities are like a treasure chest of knowledge, waiting to be explored. Whether it's diving into exciting science experiments or mastering new skills in robotics, there's something for everyone to discover beyond the regular school day.  Our mentorship programs provide personalized guidance and encouragement, helping children navigate the ups and downs of middle school with confidence. Our STEM programs aren't just about textbooks and equations; they're about hands-on exploration and real-world problem-solving. Imagine designing and building robots or conducting experiments that could change the world - we have it all. Feel free to come and discover the extraordinary opportunities available at J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy! If you've never stepped through our doors, you're missing out on an incredible journey of learning and growth.



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