• 4th Grade student reads to Kindergarten students at Mann


    Mann maintains the highest level of academic opportunity at every grade level.  The success of our programs is ultimately confirmed by the success of your children as they move from grade to grade.  We diligently work with fidelity to address all learning styles with intervention and rigorous curriculums adopted for the 2018-2019 school year.  We strive to provide your children with an education that will prepare them for the 21st Century.  All content and instructions are designed to with these essential components:

    Academic Rigor

    Academic Rigor is the intentional aligned components of curriculum that provide clear learning outcomes with matching assessment, engaging learning experiences, and instructional strategies organized into sequenced units of study that serve as a detailed map and a high-quality delivery system. 

    Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking is the acquired skill of gathering, organizing, and testing, and using information.  It is a key component of every class at Mann Learning Community that can grow student potential.  We challenge our students to think for themselves and develop their own power.   


    Differentiation is a state-of-the art teaching technique that helps teachers to ignite the potential in every student.  Small group instructions are provided for each subject, with each group of students receiving assignments that are challenging and inspire them to aim higher.   

    If you'd like to see examples of our rigorous academic curriculum at your child's grade level, please see our newly adopted resources at Great Minds for Math and EL Education for English Language Arts.