• K-12 focus on engineering principles and practice 
    • Social justice-oriented curriculum
    • PB3 Instruction (project-, problem-, and place-based approach)
    • Community-oriented, service learning model
    • Student-centered, cooperative learning design 
    • Comprehensive advisory program  
    • Asset-based approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion  
    • Site-based internships and professional mentorship 
    • Dual enrollment and AP access for all 
    • “Teaching school” to support the development of teachers from University of Michigan & DPSCD
    • Extensive and extended support from college admissions through college graduation 

About Us

  • The School at Marygrove develops critical thinkers and community-minded citizens who have the skills and knowledge to be makers and leaders in the 21st century. The social justice and engineering focus enables students to identify and solve complex problems, actively participating in the creation of a more just and equitable future. Every graduate will be prepared to pursue their passions and succeed in any personal and professional endeavors. 

    The School at Marygrove will eventually serve grades K-12 and has been adding grades each year since it opened in 2019. The School at Marygrove is one school, housed in two buildings on the beautiful Marygrove campus. 

    The School at Marygrove is part of the Marygrove Learning Community, a Detroit P-20 Partnership that includes DPSCD, Starfish Family Services, Kresge Foundation, Marygrove Conservancy, and University of Michigan School of Education.


    We will be stewards of our local and global communities, applying our learning to bring about a more just and equitable future.

    We will make an immediate and profound impact on our city and the world, by designing beautiful solutions to complex problems.

    We will provide and receive a world class education from educators that challenge, support, and inspire us.

    We will eagerly come to school because we know we will find love, purpose, joy, and dignity within our doors.

    We will be highly engaged in our work because it will be authentic, relevant, challenging, and applicable to our lives and contexts.

    We will know that effort and reflection lead to growth and that success is not final, nor is failure fatal.

    We will accept, honor, and celebrate the differences among us and always seek to understand the perspectives of others.

    We will know that we have a voice that matters and that our unique interests, talents, and experiences are valuable.


    Marygrove campus

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Elementary Quick Facts

  • 1:20 Student-Teacher Ratio
  • K-3 Grades Served in 2023-2024
  • Yes Application Elementary School
  • 8:30am - 3:40pm Bell Schedule
  • No Transportation
  • 210 Enrollment in 2023-24

High School Quick Facts

  • 9th - 12th Grades Served in 2022-23
  • Yes Examination High School
  • 8:30am - 3:40pm Bell Schedule
  • No Transportation
  • 321 Students Enrollment in 2022-23