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Harms Artworks Selected for the DIA

collage of student artwork The DIA has a special exhibit  that highlights DPSCD student art work from KDG-12th grade.  This year 882 pieces of art were submitted by the district's Art teachers for judging.  220 pieces were selected to be a part of the art exhibit.  Thirteen pieces were selected from Harms Elementary students for this special exhibit.

We are so proud of, and give congratulations to, ... 

1st Grader Isabella Chairez for, Goldfish Mosaic

2nd Grader Isaac Vazquez for, The Sun Melted My Snowman!

2nd Grader Yeraldin Valencia Morales for, That Was a Funny Chicken Joke!

4th Grader Alejandro Herrera Garcia for, Notan

Kindergartener Aranza Lomeli for, Matching Mittens

Kindergartener Isabela Alvarado-Patino for, Matching Mittens

2nd Grader Jocelyn Diaz-Garcia for, Warm Heart Cool Hands

Kindergartener Kailyn Benavente for, Portrait Collage

Kindergartener Isaiah Vazquez for, Portrait Collage

4th Grader Marta Brioni for, Notan

1st Grader Elaina Fuller for, My Puppy Mosaic

4th Grader Alejandro Herrera Garcia for, Crocodile Dragon Snake Mosaic

5th Grader Alejandro Sanchez-Padilla for, The Monster