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We are the Champions!

On Saturday, April 20, Martin Luther King High School was buzzing with excitement as students in grades 1-5 gathered for the 10th Annual Mathematics Bee. First- and second-graders showcased their skills in addition and subtraction, while third- through fifth-graders demonstrated their proficiency in multiplication and division. The audience cheered enthusiastically, careful not to disrupt the students’ focus, as each round presented tougher challenges and shorter response times. Over 200 students competed, displaying remarkable math abilities.

In the Lower Elementary Bracket, Karter Arrington from FLICS emerged as the top performer, impressing judges with his mental calculations. Deanna Beck from Mann Learning Academy and Jacob Freidberg-Swope from Palmer Park Academy also demonstrated exceptional mathematical talent. As the day concluded, winners were celebrated, highlighting academic excellence and fostering a love for math among students. Congratulations to all participants!

1st place winner on stage celebrating his win

top 3 winners on stage holding trophies