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Emerson's STEM LAB Highlights

Emerson’s STEM Lab is run by Mrs. Kunjan Vyas. 

She is a science consultant that provides STEM projects  for every class. Pinball machines, straw rockets, fuel cells, jet toys, skimmers, gravity cruisers, gliders, rolling things, cybersecurity, and computerized drivers are some of the many exciting projects Emerson students complete.

Thanks Mrs.Vyas!.


Stem Lab

Plastics 2

Plastics 3

Plastics 4

Plastics 5

Plastics 6

Plastics 7

Plastics 8_

Plastics 9


Plastics 10


Emerson 8th graders decode messages using a cipher wheel in the Cybersecurity class.



Below are our 5th grade young energetic engineers working on their gravity cruisers.

GC 1GC 2GC 3
Here our young energetic engineers build pinball machines.    Pinball 2Pinball 3Pinball 4Pinball 5Pinball 6Pinball 7
Pinball 1





Emerson 7th graders are learning about the STEM project “ Fuel-Cell Cars”. They are learning the engineering process involved in building fuel-cell powered cars. Next week they will be testing their car. Our little engineers are very busy in the STEM LAB class. Battery Cell 2Battery Cell 3Battery Cell 4Battery Cell 5Battery Cell 6Battery Cell 8