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Emerson’s 1st Annual Black World History Tournament

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Emerson recently held its first Black World History Tournament this week, under the leadership and direction of middle school social studies teacher, Mr. Donald Watkins. This jeopardy-style event was both enlightening and fun. Students competed against each other in teams of five to answer black history questions such as: “Who was the heavyweight boxing champion for 12 years known as the Brown Bomber,” Who was the first black quarterback to play professional football,” “Who invented the “Smoke Hood” to aid firefighters.” There were a total of 278 possible questions from various categories including: 2 from General BH knowledge, 25 Sports questions, 26 Science and Inventions questions, 8 Medicine related questions, 10 Education questions, 11 Politics and Government related questions, 17 Civil and Human Rights questions, 10 Military related questions, 8 Religion questions, 12 Business and Finance related questions, 28 Black Leaders questions, 13 Televison and Cartoons questions, 14 Movie and Actor related questions, 25 Music and Entertainment questions, 11 Historical Events/Places questions, 11 Pioneers questions, 23 Literature related questions, 10 Organizations/Movements questions, 5 Historically Black Colleges & Unversities questions, 10 Black Fraternities/Sororities (The Divine Nine) questions, and 15 Laws/Events related questions.


The 7th grade team was crowned as the 1st Annual Emerson Black World History Tournament Champions! Please congratulate: Dollbaby Stanley, Kamiyha Jenkins, Maurice Hillie, Larry Howard, and Ta'Myra Reeves! They took home the crown and a visa gift card. Great job!  


Also, congratulations to all of the student-contestants from grades 5-8 for participating.