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September's Perfect Attendance Scholars


Attendance is crucial for elementary school students for several reasons:

  1. Academic Progress: Regular attendance is essential for students to keep up with their lessons, understand the academic concepts being taught in class, and make academic progress. Missing school can lead to gaps in knowledge, making it difficult for students to catch up.

  3. Skill Development: Elementary school is a critical time for skill development, including foundational reading, writing, and math skills. Consistent attendance ensures that every student has an opportunity to practice and refine their educational skills.

  5. Social and Emotional Development: School is not just about academics; it's also a place for children to develop social and emotional skills. Consistent attendance allows students to build relationships with peers and teachers, learn how to work in groups, and develop important life skills.

  7. Routine and Discipline: Attending school regularly helps children establish a routine and learn the importance of punctuality and discipline. These habits can be beneficial throughout their lives.

  9. Access to Resources: Elementary schools offer various resources and support services, such as counseling, special education, and extracurricular activities. Regular attendance ensures that students have access to these resources when needed.


  11. Preparation for the Future: Good attendance habits established in elementary school can set the foundation for later education. Consistent attendance is a crucial factor in a student's academic success and future opportunities.

  13. Health and Well-being: Regular, on-time attendance allows teachers and school staff to monitor students' health and well-being. If a child is frequently absent, it may be an indicator of underlying health or family issues that need attention.

  15. Standardized Testing and Assessments: There are many standardized tests and assessments administered to students at Edison. Consistent attendance ensures that students have the opportunity to prepare for and take content-administered assessments, which can impact their educational growth and development.

  17. Responsibility and Accountability: By attending Edison Elementary School regularly, students learn responsibility and accountability for their actions. They understand the consequences of missing school, which can be a valuable life lesson.

  18. September Attendance

Overall, attendance at Edison Elementary School is fundamental to a child's educational, social, and emotional development, as well as their future prospects. It plays a significant role in shaping their academic growth and development.