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What is Literacy Night???

Literacy Night!! Literacy Night! What is Literacy Night?

Literacy Night is a school-wide event in which we promote and celebrate literacy among young children and their families. The purpose of the event is to encourage reading, writing, and other literacy skills in children at an early age, and to provide parents with tools and resources to support their scholar's literacy development.

When you open a book, there are countless possibilities:

  1. You can gain knowledge and learn new things.
  2. You can be entertained by a story or a series of stories.
  3. You can be inspired by the experiences of the author or the characters in the book.
  4. You can improve your vocabulary and language skills.
  5. You can find comfort in the familiarity of a beloved book or author.
  6. You can be transported to another time or place.
  7. You can expand your imagination and creativity.
  8. You can be challenged to think in new ways.
  9. You can be exposed to different cultures, ideas, and perspectives.
  10. You can form new connections with other readers who have shared similar experiences with the book.

Literacy Night is an opportunity for parents and educational staff to come together as a village and work together to instill the love of books. It helps children develop and establish a lifelong love of reading and learning, and can support parents in their efforts to nurture their child's academic success. 

TOGETHER, WE SHAPE THE FUTURE, one book at a time!