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Edison's 1st Soccer Team


Congratulations to the following students for making the 1st EVER Edison Soccer team:

1st & 2nd Grade Soccer Team Members: 

Sylvester Reed               

Martin Poole         

Doveanna Posey             

Kelsee Brown

Jayla Gilliam                   

Amychai Williams

Bryce Branch                 

Asaicha Braggs - Reed

Courtney Morgan Jr.         

Javion Hunter

Jayla Harris Holloway

3rd & 4th Grade Soccer Team Members:

Blake Davis - Embry       

Emory Lee

Jay'rell Crittenden         

Ameilyha Braggs - Reed

Mykel Bass                   

Nasier Simpson

5th Grade Soccer Team Members:

Makenzie Hunter             

Athena Braggs - Reed

Taishaune Barnes           

Rashard Moore