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NEHS ~ National Elementary Honor Society Induction Program

On Friday, May 15, 2020, Edison Elementary hosted its 2nd Annual National Elementary Honor Society, (NEHS) Induction Program via Microsoft TEAMS.  The National Elementary Honor Society is one of the most prestigious honors that can be awarded to an elementary student.  Edison Elementary is proud to have a National Elementary Honor Society chapter at our school. The National Elementary Honor Society strives to recognize the whole student, one who excels in all areas of Leadership, Service, Citizenship, Character and Academics.

Ten likeminded Edison students were inducted based on the embodied NEHS characteristics:    4th Graders: Amir Jones, Ciara Tumpkin, Malique Small , 5th Graders: Arturo Taylor-Junior, Caryn Williams, Curtis Globe, Edward Gill, Fahrynn Tinch , Lauryn Humes, and Rheagan Walker

Membership into the NEHS is much more than just an honor, it incurs a responsibility and an obligation to demonstrate the outstanding qualities that NEHS exemplifies.   



NEHS boy     NEHS girl4th      NEHS 4th.boy    


NEHS boy5th      NEHS.girl 5th      NEHS boy.2      NEHS.boy3


NEHS.girl.outside      NEHS.girl 4      NEHS.girl.5