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Black History 2020

The Edison Tigers is celebrating Black History Month with the theme of “HBCU’s & the Divine 9” a Collection of Poems & Skits’.  This fabulous month of February students and teacher alike have completed projects on various HBCU’s and Black Fraternities & Sororities.  Our goal was to expose our young students to the important role Historical Black Colleges and Universities have played in the African American Community and how they were the first to give black students the opportunity to obtain a higher education when virtually no other college would.  We discussed a few reasons why some individuals may consider attending an HBCU, such as:

          A Supportive Campus Culture

          Excellent Education (HBCUs have an outstanding reputation in the academic world


          Classes & Class Sizes


          A Strong Alumni Association

          Extracurricular Activities

          Long Histories & Legacies

          Motivated to be Leaders

We also discussed the role and creation of black fraternities and sororities and how their establishment in the early twentieth century encouraged leadership, racial pride and academic excellence among black college students confronted with a legacy of slavery, segregation and racism.  We will end our month-long theme exploration with our ANNUAL Black History Program on Friday, March 28, 2020, “A Taste of “HBCUs & the Divine Nine” in Poetry & Skits”.  Please come out and support the students of Edison Elementary as they recite poems and perform skits from Famous Alumni who have attended and HBCU.