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Let's Write!

The Tiger Pen Pal Club is a writing club for students in grades 3-5 This club was founded by Mrs. Natelege M. Sims 5th Grade ELA Teacher at Edison. The Tiger Pen Pal Club sharpens writing skills while forging long lasting bonds between the students and their pen pals. The club participants write letters to students at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor through the K-Grams writing program. This program not only connects students with college students through writing, but there is a culminating event on campus in the spring where students participate in STEM activities and have a chance to meet their pen pals!
This year students will also partner with MacArthur K-8 University in Southfield and write letters to students in grades 3-5. Students will also have an opportunity to meet their Southfield pen pal during a meet and greet event at the end of the school year. This program hopes to create strong writers and build exceptional character within the participants. 
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