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Unity in Edison's Community

teachers dressed in orange t-shirts   Ms. Ebony Wysinger is crushing out bullying at Edison Elementary School by visiting classrooms to discuss bullying and assist our students with creating our "Orange" Unity Day Project.  Our Kindergarten and 1st graders have assisted in "Project Connect".  Project Connect joins students, schools, and communities to make a powerful statement about uniting against bullying.  Each of our Kindergarten and 1st grade Tiger students wrote or drew a message on a strip of orange construction paper.  The strips were stapled together resulting in one long, connected chain that visually represents the power of uniting for a common cause.  Our 2nd-5th Grade Students have embarked on the "Every Step You Take" Project for Unity Day.   We made individual footprints to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the steps they can take to create a world without bullying.  This activity was designed to help students recognize that every step they take individually helps unite all students along the path for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.   

 orange unity chain and footprints

Our projects will be proudly displayed in out main hallway for all to enjoy and reflect upon.  Together we can create a world without bullying!!!