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Tech Night 2 is Just for You!


tech night flyer Edison Elementary School held its second Tech night for parents on Thursday, March 14, 2019. Ms. Russell and Mrs. Webb were excited to host a second parent night dedicated to helping parents learn how to effectively access and utilize the DPSCD online Clever application.  The session focused on the various tools used to aid in the educational growth and development of their Edison Elementary Tiger.  Ms. Russell and Mrs. Webb discussed how the online tools, iReady, Edulastic, Protégé, Mystery Science, and Microsoft Office 365, can effectively be managed and used at home to support their child’s learning and digital responsibility.  This is Edison’s first year as a one-to-one technology school and Ms. Russell wanted to build a partnership with parents to further support their child’s academic growth.  The event was aimed as an opportunity for parents to learn practical information that can help them help their child become a successful learner in our digital community.

tech night parental participation