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Students were welcomed to Little Caesar's Arena on Tuesday, April 23rd for STEM Day! After donning matching red shirts, students were organized into groups to cycle through five different stations where they got to experiment first hand with science concepts like friction, inertia, and force. 
Three stations all gave students the opportunity to practice shooting pucks on the Red Wings practice rinks. Students learned about the construction of hockey gear. Students were asked to think why the pieces are certain sizes and shapes and about the materials they are constructed with to be strong but lightweight. During the final stop, students got an up-close view of the inner workings of a zamboni! 
Before they left, students were treated to a pizza lunch and an opportunity to win some exciting prizes for answering trivia based on what they learned! Thank you to Teacher Ortiz for helping to organizing this fun trip!

students shooting hockey puckshockey rink with students playing hockeystudents admiring a zambonistudents smiling in matching red shirts