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Local 5th graders come to visit!

It is hard to believe that it is already time to start thinking about the 2024-2025 school year, but here we are! Clippert is a 6th-8th application school, and we are the only middle school remaining in DPSCD. To let local students know about all the school has to offer for the second year, we're hosting tours. 

So far this year, 5th graders from Roberto Clemente, Bennett, and Maybury have visited, and we are still looking forward to seeing students from Harms later this month! Clippert's own team of staff and students have planned fun for visiting students. Fifth graders are shown around the building, invited into classrooms, and even get to meet the Mighty Clippert Aguila! Clippert Student Ambassadors take students around the school and share insightful information on the fun STEM opportunities, college/career readiness curriculum, and exciting afterschool clubs.

We are accepting applications for the next school year. Click here or come drop by the main office for an application!

 group of studentsstudents working on a crafteagle mascot holding stuffed animal eaglesstudents making a posterstudents and eagle mascot playing hockey