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Find out who is participating in the Schoolwide Bee!

During the final week of January, Mrs. Loftus and Mrs.Sutphen hosted a spelling bee for each homeroom class to see which students would complete in our school-wide bee. Here are the results!

6th Grade

  • 502 Winner: Francisco Cobian
    • Runner-Up: Gia Pedroza
  • 503 Winner: Natalia Garcia Mares
    • Runner-Up: Natalya Ramirez
  • 504 Winner: Yael Ramos-Benavente
    • Runner-Up: Alexis Vicuna
  • 505 Winner: Queen'Syville Buford
    • Runner-Up: Katlynn Helter

7th Grade

  • 202 Winner: Daniela Espinoza Buenrostro
    • Runner-Up: Dulce Santiago-Sanchez
  • 203 Winner: Jocelyn Chairez
    • Runner Up: Belen Perez-Zayas
  • 204 Winner: Ricardo Sanchez Padilla
    • Runner-Up: Xochilt Zayas-Hernandez
  • 206 Winner: A'merie Bouie
    • Runner Up: Rocio Martinez

8th Grade

  • 302 Winner: Gael Rodriguez
    • Runner Up: Yaireli Montero
  • 304 Winner: Kady Cortez-Arriola
    • Runner Up: Brooke Johnson
  • 305 Winner: Alan Valdivia-Mendez
    • Runner Up: Walter Castro-Escobar
  • 306 Winner: Luz Marquez-Aviles
    • Runner Up: Alexa Hernandez-Orozco

The school-wide spelling bee is scheduled to take place on Friday, February 9th!