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Literary Happenings

Friday, May 31st, Clippert students in homerooms 201, 202, and 206 became published authors! InsideOut Literary Arts program came and worked with students on expressing themselves through the written word. Their anthology of poetry is called Life Vida and student Litzy DeLeon designed the cover art for their published work. 

Cover art designer Litzy DeLeon and artist-in-residence Christiana Castillo

student artist and Christiana Castillo


Students in Mrs.Miller's HOTS class had two incredible opportunities to work with talented comic book artists. Jon Dalton of Academy of Arts University in San Francisco came in and gave the students a class in comic book drawing, including two point perspective and making dynamic perspective-changing pages.  

 students working on their comics

Jiba Anderson, who is a comic book illustrator and author and owns Griot Enterprises (an independent comic book publisher), skyped from Chicago and answered kids questions about the field. Mr. Anderson is a native Detroiter.
 students skyping with illustrator and entrepreneur Jiba Anderson