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Multicultural Luncheon

On Thursday, June 6th Clippert hosted its annual Multicultural Luncheon! Each floor of the school building was assigned a continent and homerooms chose a country from that continent to research. Students and staff worked together to decorate the hallways with creative projects, works of art, and information inspired by the country they chose. This year the 6th grade floor (Europe) was victorious in the decorating contest!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this event and to all of our generous sponsers for helping make the day so great!

Check out more photos below:

Students working on constructing decorative "stained-glass" ceiling tiles.

students working on an art project




Projects showing famous Italian momuments and cityscapes.  

part of the Italy display



Part of the wonderful group of Clippert parents and our own Ms.Ortiz working hard behind the scenes. 

Parents and school staff helping prepare luncheon

 One of our wonderful sponsers, Mangonadas del Barrio serving delicious treats. 

sponsors serving fruity treats











A French patisserie and city buildings. 

part of the France display