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Clippert's Annual Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee winner Mauricio Trujillo with his parents

On Wednesday, February 13th 2019, students gathered for Clippert’s Annual Spelling Bee. Competitions took place in each homeroom, and those champions came together to battle against each other at the Bee. Overcoming the tough competition, seventh grader Mauricio Trujillo came out ahead by correctly spelling the word “proboscis”. According to Webster’s student dictionary, a proboscis is the long, thin nose of some animals (such as butterflies or elephants). Eighth grader Summer Lawrence came in a very close second place with her impressive spelling skills.

Congratulations to all the homeroom champions, runner-ups, and especially to Mauricio! Thank you to organizing teacher Ms.Taylor, staff volunteers, and all the parents who came out to watch their children compete.